Truck accessory: Hydraulic removable gooseneck trailer

Construction equipment: Talbert’s telescopic 55-ton hydraulic removable gooseneck (HRG) offers multiple configurations for versatility and load variance

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Construction projects: The telescopic 55-ton hydraulic removable gooseneck (HRG) trailer from Talbert Manufacturing offers a 20-inch deck height, the versatility to extend deck length and the flexibility to operate with multiple rear axle configurations.

Talbert, a provider of specialty-built trailer and transport systems, designed the 55-ton HRG with a telescopic deck capable of extending from 30 to 50 feet long. Extended, the unit has a 27-foot wood deck in the front and a 3-foot wood platform in the rear with beams stretching between. The trailer expands and locks in 4-foot increments. When lengthened, the telescopic trailer is ideal for hauling any equipment that requires a long deck, such as tanks, bridge beams or bulky equipment. When compressed, the trailer can be used as a standard deck trailer.

The HRG features a 96-inch swing radius and a gooseneck extension with a 120-inch swing clearance. While the competition offers 22- and 24-inch deck heights, Talbert offers this telescopic HRG with a 20-inch deck height.

The unit can be set up as a 4 axles close couple or in a 2 + 2 or 3 + 1 spread axle configuration. Due to permitting requirements, getting a trailer to an overall length of less than 53 feet can be important. The Talbert 55-Ton telescopic trailer features 3rd and 4th axles that can be flipped or removed, plus a 24-inch pinned and hinged gooseneck extension that also can be flipped.
With these two key features, the trailer can be shortened to less than 53 feet so there is no need to obtain an over-length permit when the trailer is running empty.

The Talbert 55-Ton telescopic trailer is equipped with standard air-ride suspension. The trailer also is equipped with optional Dura-Bright aluminum wheels, strobe lights at each axle, and a battery backup that powers the lighting package when the trailer is disconnected from the truck cab.

This trailer delivers greater lifting capacity over comparable models due to the gooseneck design. While most conventional trailers feature only two or three cylinders that run perpendicular to the deck, Talbert engineers its trailers with four that run parallel. This means Talbert trailers offer a stronger lifting capacity and minimizes or eliminates the need for frequent load adjustments. In combination with its heavy-duty T-1, 100,000-PSI minimum yield steel construction, the Talbert 55-ton telescopic trailer offers unmatched strength and reliability.

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