Safety products: Speed bump offers safe option for stopping vehicles

Utility safety: Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company’s Pit-BUL is a covert barrier-based model that resembles a speed bump but is fitted with a deployable vehicle capturing system.

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Safety equipment: The potential to stop a getaway vehicle is an important concept for many types of businesses. However, most options on the market are on each side of the spectrum, and are either lethal or do not fully prevent a vehicle from escaping. Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PSEMC), a supplier of energetic mission critical solutions, has solved this issue with their newest product the Pit-BUL. A covert barrier-based model, the Pit-BUL resembles a speed bump but is fitted with a deployable vehicle capturing system.

Bryan Stacey, Business Development Manager at PSEMC, explains that the model causes a netting to entrap the front tires of a vehicle upon deployment of the system. “With the push of a button, the engineering releases the netting, locking the vehicle’s tires in place,” says Stacey. “This is an imperative security measure that is needed at places where perimeter security is of the utmost importance such as power plants, high value industrial/commercial facilities or airports where an unknown vehicle may need to be stopped.”

Stacey adds that what sets the Pit-BUL apart is its completely safe, non-lethal technology. “Many alternative vehicle capturing models are lethal, causing critical damage to the car and occupants,” says Stacey. “This model is reusable and will not cause harm to anyone in its proximity.”

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