Mobile computer: Allegro 2 Rugged Handheld

Handheld computer: Juniper System’ newest rugged handheld, the Allegro 2, is now shipping worldwide.

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Utility equipment: Juniper Systems’ newest rugged handheld, the Allegro 2, is now shipping. The handheld was announced in October as the latest of Juniper Systems’ Allegro handheld line, and is touted as having been “designed for the data-intensive.” That means, according to Juniper Systems, that every aspect of the Allegro 2 was carefully designed to maximize efficiency and precision, making it a proficient tool for high-volume data collection.

The Allegro 2 features improvements like a newly designed QWERTY & numeric keyboard, with large, glove-friendly buttons for non-visual‹data entry. It has a new Sun-to-Shade display‹20% larger than the previous Allegro,‹which offers excellent visibility in any lighting conditions. The Allegro 2 also features ramped-up battery power,‹providing an amazing 20+ hours of runtime, a new capacitive touchscreen with superior durability and imagery, enhanced GNSS performance, extended Bluetooth® range, camera & video, and a faster processor.

“In a world of touchscreen consumer devices, there are still jobs to be done where the field worker needs a high degree of situational awareness and a good tactile response when collecting time-sensitive or mission-critical data,” said John Florio, Product Manager at Juniper Systems. “The Allegro 2 handheld, our keyboard-centric rugged device, provides the right interface needed to help our customers get their jobs done quickly and correctly.”

About Juniper Systems:
Based out of Logan, UT, and Birmingham, UK, Juniper Systems designs and manufactures rugged handheld computers and provides field data collection solutions for use in extreme environments. Since 1993, Juniper Systems has provided innovative mobile technology to natural resources, utilities and public services, geomatics, agriculture, industrial and military markets.

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