Fleet management: Driving app gives drivers real-time feedback

Safety products: Decos launches driving app Flo. The new version offers features not in original Beta release.

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Fleet management systems: Decos has launched the driving app Flo. Flo gives drivers real-time feedback that helps them be safer drivers and save money on fuel and maintenance costs in the process. Safe drivers are also greener drivers who cut their CO2 emissions.

Android users can download Flo free at the Google Play Store. After installation, Flo automatically records all trips, based on GPS data and the device's motion sensors. During each time behind the wheel, Flo awards points for good driving, such as smooth acceleration and steady speed, and deducts points for poor driving, including hard braking and driving too fast around corners. As the driver learns Flo's feedback, they can adjust their driving immediately, seeing fuel and maintenance cost savings right away. They can also set personal goals and work toward them to save even more money.

A beta version of Flo was released in March this year. The new version released includes some additional features:

New Features:
• Invite friends from Google+ or Facebook for an online competition
• Get better feedback & points from our dramatically improved Flo-score algorithm
• The possibility to add up to 6 cars to personalize your account
• Improved battery-life

Existing Features:
• Trip scoring so drivers can see how well they've performed
• Audio and visual feedback while driving
• Personal goal setting, for safer, sustainable, cost-conscious driving
• Trip playback in beautiful 3D so drivers can see areas for improvement
• Automatic trip recording, including: score, distance, travel time and route

Flo can be installed on Android smartphones running Android 4.1 and higher. The launch of an app for iPhone is planned in the first quarter of 2015.

About Flo
Flo is an Android app that provides insight into driving techniques and helps drivers get better, saving them money and contributing to a greener environment. The unique app gives real-time audio and visual feedback while driving, and every trip is automatically saved for later review in 3D, so the user can see what they did right and what needs improvement. Score, distance, travel time and route are saved for each trip.

About Decos
Decos is an innovative software developer with a focus on improving productivity and building a sustainable society. Decos brings the future into the present and enables organizations to transform into the businesses of tomorrow. Decos solutions focus on digital conferencing, document and information systems, real-time collaboration, and mobility.

For more information about Decos, Flo or other products, click here to go to Utility Products’ Buyers Guide.

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