Utility equipment: Mobile Workforce Management solution for utilities

Utility supplies: Clevest releases version 5.1 of next-generation Mobile Workforce Management solution for utilities. Delivers enhanced location and situational awareness for faster decision-making, greater safety and easier regulatory compliance.

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Utility equipment: Clevest Solutions Inc., a provider of mobile workforce automation software including smart grid operations, has released the latest version of its next-generation Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM) solution. Building upon the technical advances, flexible features and very friendly user experience of Clevest MWFM 5.0, the new release offers utility operations personnel in both the office and the field enhanced location and situational awareness for faster, more intelligent decision-making, greater safety and easier regulatory compliance.

Paul Needham, VP Client Services, Clevest indicated, “When we first announced our next-gen product last fall, it catalyzed a lot of excited feedback within our customer base. We’ve capitalized on this invaluable customer-driven input with Clevest MWFM 5.1, which has been designed to help utilities improve the management of their field operations in an environment where, increasingly, the stakes are high and performance is highly visible and intently scrutinized.”

Needham continued, “With new capabilities that provide advanced levels of location and situational awareness in both our WorkSpace (office) and WorkBook (mobile) applications, utilities will have the broadest context possible for understanding where field resources are and what conditions they are facing. Users in the office and the field will be able to visualize, synthesize and analyze more comprehensive information from multiple enterprise systems for decision-making that is more timely and intelligent and better grounded in safety protocols and regulatory compliance.”

WorkBook for mobile workers
For mobile workers, WorkBook offers new network tracing capabilities that, in the event of an outage, provide a map-based view of not only the probable source of the outage but also the assets upstream or downstream from the source that are also impacted. This helps crews shorten investigation times and accelerate restoration efforts. At any time, field workers also have the ability to access a map-based view of nearby vehicles. When entering a dangerous area, they can identify and alert workers in close proximity and, in outage situations, they can identify and contact close by peers for assistance. WorkBook additionally now offers route optimization and turn-by-turn instructions so field workers can automatically generate their routes between pending orders, which reduces the amount of non-productive travel time, decrease overall fuel costs, reduce vehicle emissions and complete more work faster.

WorkSpace for office workers
For office-oriented personnel, WorkSpace adds new “breadcrumb”² reports that display directly on the map a detailed, time-stamped route history either by worker or by vehicle. With these reports, utilities have quick and easy access to automatically documented, GPS-based routes walked by workers (e.g., for gas line inspections or meter readings) or travelled by vehicles. This type of location information helps utilities better manage customer disputes and also better demonstrate regulatory compliance and adherence to safety standards and procedures. WorkSpace also incorporates extremely responsive new search capabilities that allow users to instantly find a location on the WebMap by entering a physical address or latitude and longitude coordinates. Additionally, WorkSpace provides the ability for users to create an order directly from the location displayed on the map.

The new Clevest MWFM release also supports both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database environments.

Announced in the fall of 2013, Clevest MWFM 5.0 advanced the user experience of workforce management software to a new level with the innovative, office-oriented WorkSpace application and the touch-compatible, mobile worker-oriented WorkBook application. WorkSpace provides dispatchers and supervisors with comprehensive tools for wirelessly managing a utility¹s work and mobile workers against an integrated, map-based view of its vehicles and asset infrastructure. WorkBook lets mobile workers wirelessly receive orders and send completion data, including photos or other attachments, back to WorkSpace and other enterprise systems. Together, these applications dramatically augment the connection between the field and the office, which enables utilities to improve service response times and promote overall grid resilience.

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