Fleet Management / Fleetbeat Report: A look across 20,000 service fleets

Fleet maintenance: Welcome to the first FleetBeat Report from Fleetmatics, a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based fleet management solutions for fleets of all sizes, including those with as few as 5 service vehicles to those with many thousands.

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Utility fleets: Welcome to the first FleetBeat Report from Fleetmatics, a leading global provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based fleet management solutions for fleets of all sizes, including those with as few as five service vehicles to those with many thousands. FleetBeat is a Fleetmatics, and an industry, first. A few of them actually. Though plenty of market research is already available, this is the first time that information on the fleet management industry has been generated with this level of real world data support. FleetBeat was developed by scientifically analyzing a Big Data pool from hundreds of thousands of real world service vehicles that generated tens of billions of data points over a five year period via their on-board telematics units. No personal data was used or disclosed that could identify a specific customer.

In FleetBeat, fleet operators have an unprecedented opportunity to see key benchmarks relevant to their specific vertical market segment, including insights around issues such as fleet utilization, productivity and operating costs, and the impacts, on average, of applying fleet management software. Furthermore, FleetBeat provides in-depth seasonal, regional and vertical industry detail relevant to fleet idling trends. FleetBeat also presents a unique roll-up of the broad economic and environmental impact of telematics adoption by commercial fleets based on detailed, real world industry benchmark data from Fleetmatics combined with commercial vehicle data from established third party data providers.

The Fleet Management market is expected to grow from $10.91 billion in 2013 to $30.45 billion by 2018, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.8%, according to research firm MarketsandMarkets [1]. With so many businesses interested in purchasing fleet management solutions, FleetBeat gives prospective buyers – and current users, alike – a resource to help determine not only what to expect from a solution in terms of results but also perspective on all that is possible.

Solution providers are becoming more sophisticated, with new capabilities that move beyond tactical GPS tracking and the proverbial “dots on a map”. Next generation, business intelligence-driven solutions serve as the nerve center of fleet businesses allowing them to reach entirely new levels of productivity, cost savings and differentiating customer service.

With only 12.6% of all commercial vehicles in the U.S. and Canada optimized by a fleet management solution, according to industry research firm Frost & Sullivan (see Appendix), there is a real differentiation opportunity for fleets of all sizes. This includes the thousands of fleet-driven small-and-medium-sized businesses looking for a competitive edge, something to enable a new customer service promise or a path to greater profitability or source of money to help grow the business. In fact, though many Fleetmatics customers operate more than 1,000, or even many thousands of service vehicles, a large part of the Fleetmatics customer base operates 5-40 service vehicles. Therefore, FleetBeat is highly relevant to small-and-medium-sized and large fleets alike.

FleetBeat will continue to be published periodically with new insights, so stay tuned.

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