GammaTech to offer embedded solutions for notebook computers

Specific-task technology helps reduce product size and costs while increasing reliability and efficiency.

Fremont, Calif.—GammaTech Computer Corp., a manufacturer and supplier of innovative notebook and tablet computers, announces that it is set to offer embedded solutions as an addition to its line of rugged, hardened Durabook products. GammaTech embedded solutions help maximize product efficiency by reducing the size and cost of the product, while increasing its reliability and performance.

“GammaTech continues to be at the forefront of technology advancement with the introduction of embedded solutions to our line of rugged notebook and tablet computers,” stated Jen Chen, GammaTech president. “Embedded solutions are rapidly becoming a viable, affordable choice. Our embedded capabilities, including design, purchasing, integration, and reverse logistics, is further assurance that in choosing GammaTech, users are selecting the right product at a cost that makes sense.”

As opposed to a general, all-purpose computer that is designed for a wide-range of purposes, embedded technology is meant to perform one function within a device. The technology is commonly found today in applications from as small as digital watches and mp3 devices to larger items such as automobiles, traffic signals, air-traffic control systems, and power plants.

GammaTech embedded solutions help maximize product efficiency by reducing the size and cost of the product while increasing its reliability and performance. Ruggedized, Intel x86-based GammaTech computers are a perfect fit for this technology.

The growth of embedded solutions is aided by the continued backing of the Intel Embedded Alliance and its efforts to provide the necessary technology and assistance that allows manufacturers, such as GammaTech, to fully engineer and test products quicker and bring them to market faster. Additionally, the environment to support a variety of embedded solutions is growing and will continue to expand.

For more than 25 years, GammaTech has been one of the world’s largest suppliers of innovative notebooks. It was the first manufacturer to bring ruggedized notebooks to the mass consumer market. Its Durabook line of rugged notebooks and tablet PC's are built tough and built to last. The Durabook’s magnesium alloy construction and its protection against drop, shock and spill make it a reliable choice for all mission critical applications.

The company has consistently produced award-winning products. It has been recognized in the Best Rugged Computers category of the Government Security News (GSN) Homeland Security Awards two years running.

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