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Clevest advances crew management capabilities with the 3.5 release of its Mobile Workforce Management Solution. New capabilities allow utilities greater flexibility in scheduling crews and managing the composition of crews.

Clevest Solutions Inc. announced enhancements for managing crews with the new 3.5 version of its mobile workforce management software solution, which automates virtually any utility fieldwork activity. The new capabilities allow utilities greater flexibility in scheduling crews and managing the composition of crews, and provide for increased crew productivity, improved customer satisfaction and enhanced workforce satisfaction.

"Crews are a fundamental part of a utility's field operations and they can be extremely dynamic in nature," emphasized Lily Ligocki, VP Product Management, Clevest. "With the latest release of our solution, utilities can now distinguish between individuals and their orders and an individual's role within a crew and the crew's orders. Moreover, the solution can now accommodate planned or last-minute changes in crew composition and resource availability in real-time, which empowers utilities to make more timely decisions and complete work more accurately in the field."

A key component of mobile workforce management, enterprise scheduling helps utilities improve the responsiveness of field operations by eliminating manually-compiled, paper-based schedules and automatically assigning work optimally. With the 3.5 release of the solution, more sophisticated scheduling capabilities take into account both crews and the workers within them when assigning or reallocating orders.

In real-time, the solution accommodates expected changes in crew composition due to temporary circumstances such as an appointment or vacation. It also supports unanticipated temporary events due, for example, to illness, vehicle breakdowns or task completion times. Orders are then scheduled or, if necessary, rescheduled based on an accurate representation of resource availability. Utilities are also now better equipped to manage more permanent changes in crew requirements over time.

The solution also incorporates Esri-based routing capabilities when scheduling and managing crews. Routing functionality calculates travel times and directions based on the road network and a utility's infrastructure, which is used to automatically optimize route plans and minimize travel time for crews, which improves overall responsiveness, decreases fuel costs and reduces wear and tear on vehicles.

A number of utilities from Clevest's existing customer base have already contracted for the latest mobile workforce management solution. Clevest expects to begin the first of these upgrades in September 2012.

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