Mobile communications platform enhances mobile workforce management

In Motion Technology and Clevest Solutions announce partnership for utility field operations mobility.

Vancouver, BC—In Motion Technology, a company that provides flexible, secure and enduring wireless systems to improve communication on the move, announced a partnership with Clevest Solutions Inc., a provider of software for utility mobile workforce automation including smart grid deployment and post-deployment operations. They will offer an integrated mobile workforce management and smart grid deployment system to the utility industry.

The partnership allows Clevest’s workforce automation and smart grid deployment software to connect the mobile workforce to the enterprise with In Motion Technology’s in-vehicle, secure mobile router communications platform. The consolidation of communications in a managed, secure fashion will optimize utilities’ resources, reduce costs and improve response times by rapidly automating field activity.

In Motion Technology’s onBoard system provides utility field workers with seamless and secure access to corporate applications over the best available wireless broadband network (including Wi-Fi, private and commercial cellular, public safety 700MHz, municipal mesh, private radio networks and satellite). The onBoard Mobile Gateway turns utility vehicles into mobile wireless hotspots, connecting tablets, handhelds, laptops, bar-code readers, and video cameras in and around the vehicle over any wireless network. The onBoard Mobility Manager is a powerful remote network management system that allows operations to manage and monitor the health of the vehicle fleet – including remote configuration, network coverage, and vehicle diagnostic data for heavy and light duty utility trucks. The onBoard Connection Manager is a mobile-optimized VPN server, providing IP mobility and sub-second switching in a multi-network environment and is designed to work with the mobile gateway and network management system. This complete system provides the fastest, simplest, and most cost-effective way to create a secure VPN connection between the enterprise network and the vehicle.

“Clevest Solutions allow our utility customers to realize the cost-savings and efficiency gains of mobile workforce management and smart grid deployment software solutions using the most complete communications platform in the market today,” said Tony Morris, In Motion Technology’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Clevest’s software solutions enable electric, gas and water utilities to transform their field operations by rapidly automating and optimizing virtually any field work activity or process to improve response time and effectiveness. Over 100 electric, gas and water utilities worldwide have chosen Clevest, from some of the world’s largest to many rural electric cooperatives. Clevest offers a complete product suite designed exclusively for utility work types, including:

• CLEVEST Mobile Workforce Management
• CLEVEST Automatic Vehicle Location
• CLEVEST Smart Grid Deployment and Support
• CLEVEST Meter Reading
• CLEVEST Asset Investment Planning

“The combined technologies of Clevest Solutions and In Motion Technology provide utility customers with an array of efficiencies that is one of the best field operations solutions in the industry today,” stated Doug Engerman, Clevest’s svp global sales and marketing. “We value our relationship with In Motion, and believe that it significantly strengthens our ability to provide our customers with an outstanding view of their field operations.”

For more information about In Motion Technology and Clevest Solutions, or other mobile communications, click here to go to Utility Products' Buyers Guide.

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