Top 10 reasons lineworkers rule

Kissimmee Utility Authority lists reasons why lineworkers are important.

The job performed by America’s lineworkers is far from typical. Their day starts early when they hop into their mobile office i.e., their bucket truck. From there they start working on their daily orders, which could be anything from changing out transformers, insulators or fuses to shooting trouble during a power outage.

Some put the job on the same scale as emergency responders. It’s a job that demands the best of a person at all times – and that’s why we think lineworkers rule. But if you don’t believe us, just ask them. That’s what we did, and that’s how we compiled this list of the top 10 reasons lineworkers rule.

1. Lineworkers are superheroes.
Whether it’s cartoons for the kids, soap operas for the elderly, or kitchen appliances for moms, people treat lineworkers like superheroes after they restore power.

2. Lineworkers have travel perks.
When Mother Nature wreaks havoc on the grid in another city or state, the local utility calls in extra lineworkers from all over the nation. It’s a great way to see the country!

3. A lineworker can scale a 40-foot utility pole in 30 seconds or less.
Although they don’t climb as often as they used to, lineworkers have to stay in shape so they can climb utility poles. The only creature that can scale a pole faster is a squirrel.

4. Lineworkers really are heroes.
In the event one of their men gets hurt while at the top of a pole, a lineworker can scale the pole, secure him and safely drop him down to the bottom of the pole in less than two minutes.

5. They drive big trucks.
The lineworkers of earlier days always had to climb utility poles to make repairs, but today’s lineworkers are equipped with state-of-the-art bucket trucks that help them do the job quicker, safer and, in all honesty, a little more comfortably!

6. Lineworkers have both brawn and brains.
When people see lineworkers out in the field, they see the physical part of the job, but there’s more to this job than meets the eye. Lineworkers also have excellent math skills they use to compute formulas, angles and more.

7. Lineworkers get to play in the rain.
When everyone else hunkers down for a storm, lineworkers are just gearing up. Literally. As soon as conditions are safe, they head out to begin the adventure of power restoration.

8. They have a great view.
When the weather is nice, lineworkers say it’s not too bad hanging around the top of a utility pole. Besides the elevated view helps them keep the pulse on the community – they can see a lot from up there!

9. Every day is a new adventure.
No two days are ever the same for a lineworker. Some days are filled with maintenance; others are filled with shooting trouble. Even though they don’t have bankers’ hours or cushy desk jobs, their days are never dull!

10. Lineworkers know the true meaning of brotherhood.
Lineworkers across America share the gift of an unspeakable bond. The benefits of this bond are a critical component on the job, creating an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie as crews work together to safely restore power in emergencies.
So, there you have it – the top 10 reasons lineworkers rule. If you’re still not convinced, stop by the 2013 Public Power Lineworkers’ Rodeo in Kissimmee, Fla., hosted by Kissimmee Utility Authority. It’s an annual event where journeyman and apprentice lineworkers compete for professional recognition, attend training courses and practice their skills in a safe environment. Hope to see you there!

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