Tablet computer docking station

Xplore launches rugged docking system line of products to support iX104C5 rugged tablet computers.

Xplore Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: XLRT) (“Xplore” or the “Company”), developer of one of the most rugged tablet computers available, has launched an extensive new line of rugged docking systems. Consisting of two newly designed products, the Xplore docking systems have been designed specifically for use in the most rugged environments where computers are used today.

Whether an Xplore iX104C5 rugged tablet is going to be used on a fleet vehicle, forklift, truck or emergency vehicles, the new line of Xplore docking systems are built as tough as the computers that they safely house.

The new line consists of the following products:

• The xDOC PRO, a new glass-filled industrial polymer body for improved durability and lightweight installation. Weighing only 2.6 pounds, the xDOC PRO offers a new twist-release mechanism for easy docking and undocking and is built specifically to withstand high shocks and vibrations such as those that might be found on forklifts or rugged all-terrain vehicles. This docking system also provides a self-alignment tamper-proof key lock for optimum security of the unit.

• The xDOC II has been designed specifically for vehicle applications, such as those used by first responders. This docking system, with all-metal construction for maximum strength, offers an easy pull-up docking/undocking mechanism and is compatible with the xDIM I/O expansion module, also being introduced at this time (more on this below). The xDOC II is an ideal docking system for in-vehicle, mobile and fixed-mount applications and weighs 5.5 pounds.

• The xDIM, a third product in the xDIM line, that is made of lightweight plastic construction designed specifically for rugged use. Its input/output expansion allows for increased options and the Molex Power connecter provides power delivery and distribution.

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