Smart meter exchange and automatic vehicle location solutions

Southern Rivers Energy modernizes operations with mobile solutions from Clevest.

Clevest Solutions Inc., a provider of mobile workforce automation software including smart grid operations exclusively for the utility industry, announced that Southern Rivers Energy (SRE) has successfully deployed its smart meter exchange and automatic vehicle location (AVL) solutions in the first phase of a major technology initiative to modernize the delivery of electricity to members in nine counties in central Georgia.

"Modernizing a utility's operations is a complex, multifaceted undertaking. It's integral that technology investments function as expected and provide an expansion platform to accommodate future plans," explained Doug Engerman, SVP Global Sales and Marketing, Clevest. He continued, "These were key requirements for Southern Rivers Energy, and the cooperative's successful deployment of our solutions is another demonstration that the Clevest platform meets today's needs of the utility industry."

SRE is using Clevest's smart meter exchange system to streamline the meter deployment process and support regulatory reporting for its Sensus AMI initiative. For additional visibility into AMI activities in the field, SRE is also using Clevest's browser-based AVL system for a comprehensive view of the utility's asset infrastructure and the real-time location of vehicles within it. With the integrated solution, SRE has a unique mobile platform for verifying that equipment is installed and operating as expected and that services are being delivered.

Raleigh Henry, CEO of SRE, added, "We wanted a smooth, efficient deployment of our new AMI technology and we wanted to ensure it was installed correctly with minimal impact on our members. We selected Clevest based on its track record of over 50 AMI projects and on its endorsement from the NRTC, and we're pleased that our own successful implementation has validated the investment we made on behalf of our members."

SRE's contract for the Clevest AVL solution was administered by National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC), which called for a complete AMI deployment at SRE by the end of 2013. NRTC has designated Clevest as its exclusive AVL and mobile workforce management (MWFM) vendor.

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