Skid design improved

Knaack announces an improved design of the skids used with its jobsite chests, cabinets and field station.

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Crystal Lake, Ill.—Knaack LLC announces an improved design of the skids used with their jobsite chests, cabinets, and field station. The upgraded new 4-way skids provide forklift access from all sides, as well as improved durability, and an easier method of attaching casters, resulting in increased productivity.

The 4-way skids, already included on the new Field Station (119-01), are now a standard feature on all STORAGEMASTER Chests, JOBMASTER Chests and Cabinets, KNAACK CLASSIC Storage Chests, and the Monster Box Series. The versatile 4-way forklift access allows greater mobility and ease of positioning products, even in tightly confined areas on jobsites or in warehouses, saving time and labor costs.

The new 4-way skids are made of heavy-duty, 7-gauge steel for enhanced durability. The improved bolt/nut combination attaches the caster even more securely to the skid. Durability tests indicate the 4-way skids outperform the 2-way skid in strength and resilience.

The improved design also makes casters easier and faster to attach - with a bolt/nut fastener system rather than the previous thread-cutting bolts. Casters will include fastener kits for both 2-way and 4-way skids. A separate bolt/nut kit (7763) for use on the 4-way skids is also available.

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