J1939 Mini Logger for heavy-duty trucks

Compact DAWN J1939 Mini Logger acquires CAN bus data from heavy-duty trucks and off-road-vehicles.

HEM Data Corporation's DAWN J1939 Mini Logger is a compact logger that acquires CAN bus data from heavy-duty trucks and off-road-vehicles. It fits directly on the J1939 connector. The J1939 Mini Logger is part of the Mini Logger family of compact, low-cost, data loggers that acquire a variety of data from trucks and cars.

The J1939 standard defines almost 2000 parameters that could be on a vehicle’s J1939 network. The companion DawnEdit software determines which parameters are available on the vehicle to create a unique database for each vehicle model. The user can select which parameters are acquired. Also, the user can add custom messages and parameters in DawnEdit to acquire proprietary messages.

The logger has a tri-axial accelerometer and measures its internal temperature that approximates the cabin temperature. Soft LED indicators show the logger status without distracting the driver. It has a real-time clock, which the user can set to the local time zone. The Mini Logger includes a battery backup so the logger always knows the correct time.

The DAWN Mini-Logger Video demonstrates how to configure the logger and convert the message to scaled, engineering parameters.

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