Wireless mobile column lifts

Stertil-Koni’s ST 1082 wireless mobile column lifts prove well suited for demanding utility fleet maintenance environments.

Stevensville, Md.—While the setting for the 59th annual meeting of the Electronic Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC) was historic Williamsburg, Va., the technology on display was decidedly modern.

One of the exhibitors, Alan Tye from Alan Tye Associates, stood well above the crowd – literally – with its commanding display of the Stertil-Koni ST 1082 wireless mobile column lifts in action. Benefits of these Stertil-Koni heavy-duty hydraulic vehicle lifts to fleet maintenance professionals are compelling. Each column is capable of lifting 18,000 lbs. and the wireless configuration can include up to eight columns in a set, for a total lifting capacity of 144,000 lbs. In addition, setup time is minimal, no interconnecting cables are required and maximum access to the vehicle is provided – all with no risk of tripping.

Noted Stertil-Koni President, Dr. Jean DellAmore, “One of the key features of the Stertil-Koni wireless mobile column lifts for utility fleet maintenance teams is that thanks to our innovative ID key, multiple eight column lifting sets can be operated simultaneously in one area without interference from other lifting sets. Plus, the ST 1082 only takes 89 seconds to reach its maximum height of 73 inches – making it one of the fastest mobile lifting columns in the world – and thereby speeding the entire vehicle servicing time.” The Stertil-Koni wireless mobile column lifts operate on 24 VDC and are easily recharged by means of a standard, 110 VAC wall socket.

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