Suspension system fleet maintenance with Firestone Air Command App

Firestone’s Air Command Android app provides instant air to suspension systems.

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For suspension system fleet management, Firestone Industrial Products Co., LLC introduces an Air Command Android app that will allow users to remotely adjust the amount of air in their vehicle's Firestone air helper springs by turning their smart phone into the controller.

The suspension system app works with Firestone's Android Air Command Kit that, like existing Air Command Kits, is designed to provide an instant air source to their line of suspension solutions, delivering convenient adjustability of the air helper springs with the push of a button.

To use, truck owners can purchase the Android Air Command Kit, which comes with an updated Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that is specifically designed to work with Android applications. Then simply download the Air Command app to control the air.

"Our Air Command app is a functional option for many enthusiasts who use their smart phones as an extension of their vehicle's products and accessories," said Todd Green, regional sales manager, Firestone Industrial Products, Ride-Rite(tm) division. "By turning your smart phone into the controller, we're giving drivers yet another convenient way to adjust the air pressure in their air helper springs."

Firestone's Air-Rite(tm) Air Control Systems allow users to adjust the ride of their air suspension products for various load and road conditions. The Air Command app lets the smart phone control the amount of air in the air helper springs from up to 25 feet away, letting drivers visually inspect a vehicle's ride height while it is loaded. In addition, the system's ECU is sealed to protect it from environmental factors like rain and dust, so it can be mounted outside the vehicle without having to draw wires into the cab.

Firestone recommends their no-drill Air Accessory Mounting Kit (part #2529), sold separately, to conveniently mount the ECU and air compressor.

Firestone offers a wide variety of air control solutions to fit users' needs. The Air Command app works with an Air-Rite ECU and either the Light Duty air compressor (up to 120 psi), Standard Duty air compressor (up to 130 psi) or Heavy Duty air compressor (up to 150 psi). These products will be available in early 2013.

The Air Command Android app can be downloaded from the Android marketplace. Firestone plans to also offer an iPhone app in 2013.

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