Locality cellular network performance management software

NetMotion Wireless broadens modem coverage for LocalityManagement Software. Organizations use locality to gain instant visibility and insight across mobile field deployments.

Seattle and San Diego—NetMotion Wireless, provider of software to secure, manage and optimize an organization’s mobile data deployment, has announced Locality cellular network performance management software now supports in-vehicle (trunk mounted) AirLink intelligent gateways from Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR, TSX: SW). Powered by ALEOS embedded intelligence for ease of deployment and management, and built with a highly rugged design, AirLink devices have been prevalent across public safety and other field service fleets for more than a decade.

Locality is the first solution of its kind and the only cellular counterpart to a wired network performance management offering. It serves a vital function for organizations that rely heavily on public cellular networks to connect their mobile field workers to mission-critical applications and information. It is proven to optimize investments in technology and service contracts while boosting field worker and IT staff productivity. Locality generates detailed technology performance reports and exposes poor network performance and chronic connectivity problems related to signal strength, location, network saturation, older network technologies, devices, drivers and more.

“There are many factors to consider when you’re troubleshooting a mobile data deployment,” said Brian Anderson, Vice President of Marketing, Solutions and Services, Sierra Wireless. “You have distinct devices, apps, networks and other factors involved. We’re excited to work with the NetMotion Wireless team to give organizations an unobstructed picture of what’s deployed, where and how it’s performing.”

Public safety organizations and a number of other field service organizations, such as utilities, use Sierra Wireless ALEOS modems to turn vehicles into secure, reliable, mobile networks. These modems support multiple pieces of equipment, such as cameras, license plate readers, laptops, GPS and more. Through the Locality client loaded on an employee’s laptop, support staff can evaluate modem performance alongside devices, networks and applications to proactively identify coverage issues, troubleshoot helpdesk tickets, make performance-based buying decisions, effectively track and manage all deployed devices, and more.

“Organizations now have a solution at their disposal for fine-tuning mobile deployments of any size,” said Bob Hunsberger, president and CEO of NetMotion Wireless. “Locality gives these organizations all the information they need to ensure maximum uptime while reducing wireless deployment expenditures. It has never been easier to troubleshoot network performance, identify under-utilized mobile assets, compare carriers, devices, applications and more.”

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