Werner introduces compact extension ladders

New compact fiberglass extension ladders easily maneuver in tight spaces.

Greenville, Pa.—Werner Co. has announced the availability of the new Werner Compact 3-Piece Fiberglass Extension Ladder series, developed specifically with professionals in mind. The innovative 3-piece design lets extension ladders go where they have never been before—around tight corners, into elevators and through narrow stairwells. The new Compact Extension Ladder, which comes in five sizes from 16 ft. to 32 ft., delivers tangible benefits without compromising the quality, safety and reach of a traditional 2-piece extension ladder.

The Compact Fiberglass Extension Ladders were developed specifically for telecommunications, electrical, contracting and mechanical professionals where the maneuverability and transportation of ladders is important. The compact design provides an ideal solution for transporting ladders both inside full size vans and on top of compact vans. They are also convenient for urban contractors who need to secure equipment and materials inside their vehicles.

Portability, Safety and Working Comfort
In the closed position, the 3-piece design makes these Compact Ladders 20-25 percent shorter than standard 2-piece extension ladders. Easier to maneuver, one person can comfortably move the compact extension ladder around a jobsite. The compact ladders also store easily when not in use. Additionally, in the extended position, more overlapping rung locations provide improved working comfort. The Type IA Compact Fiberglass Extension Ladders are durable and available in the standard 16 ft. – 32 ft. sizes. The fiberglass construction is also essential for professionals working near electrical sources.

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