Flexible Electrical Center sealed box for vehicle circuit protection

Littlefuse Commercial Vehicle Products introduces Flexible Electrical Center (FLEC) sealed box—holds circuit protection components in one compact, water-tight unit.

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Cole Hersee, the Commercial Vehicle Products division of Littelfuse Inc., announced that it has introduced the Flexible Electrical Center (FLEC), a sealed box that holds circuit protection components in one compact, water-tight unit. FLEC is ideal for protecting vehicles with expensive and critical onboard ancillary equipment, like motors, radios, floodlights, computers, and high-priced electronics.

Versatile and rugged, FLEC can be configured in numerous ways to hold a high density of breakers, fuses, diodes, relays, and other circuit protection components. Installed in the battery box, where space is at a premium and where contents can be exposed to road splash, road salt, fire hose spume, and chemicals, FLEC is the perfect solution for fire and police vehicles, ambulances, trucks, utility vehicles, as well as agricultural, forestry, mining, and transit vehicles.

FLEC comes equipped with a large number of outputs that mate with industry-standard connectors. Its sealed power distribution module is configurable to customer schematics and its compact form and rugged design enables mounting in various locations on a vehicle.

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