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Rotary Lift adds new operator-friendly mobile column lift to line

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Madison, Ind.—Rotary Lift introduces the latest addition to its line of mobile column lifts, the RCH4 mobile column lifting system. The RCH4 has an easy-to-use, operator-friendly design that makes it up to 30 percent faster than competitive lifts, for greater bay productivity and reduced vehicle downtime.

The RCH4 is sold in sets of four, six or eight battery-operated columns. Each column is identical and has a rated capacity of 18,000 lbs., for total lifting capacity of up to 144,000 lbs. The speedy RCH4 can lift a vehicle 70 inches in just 78 seconds. The RCH4 also features Rotary Lift’s automatic steering system that makes it faster and easier to position the columns for service. Fixed forks fit most large tires without time-consuming adjustment, so technicians can get the vehicle up in the air for service more quickly.

“Mobile column lifts are a popular choice for commercial trucking fleets, transit agencies, government fleets and vocational customers because they are versatile enough to be used almost anywhere to service virtually any medium or heavy-duty vehicle,” says Doug Spiller, Rotary Lift heavy duty product manager. “The new RCH4 is an excellent choice for maintenance managers who are looking for a mobile column lift that’s affordable and has the features and benefits they need to improve shop productivity.”

Every column is equipped with Rotary Lift’s patented control panel. These intuitive controls include a graphic layout of the column set-up, real-time height reading and error display, battery indicator, programmable height limit settings and one-touch controls. Lifting and lowering of all columns is automatically synchronized, and there is a slow-lowering function for precision vehicle positioning. Technicians can operate the entire lift from whichever column is most convenient.

Some mobile column lifts only work when the columns are connected by a complete circuit of communication cables all the way around the vehicle. But the RCH4 needs just three cables connected in a horseshoe shape. As a result, one end of the lift is always open, making it easier to quickly position vehicles on the lift. The lightweight cables feature a quick-connect design and are 33 feet long for added flexibility.

The RCH4 is battery operated with an internal charger, eliminating the need for power cords and improving the lift’s portability. Its hydraulic cylinder is inverted so the chrome piston rod is protected from debris and damage at all times, extending the life of the lift and reducing maintenance costs.

There are a number of optional accessories available for the RCH4:
• High-efficiency LED lighting system provides hands-free lighting under the vehicle.
• Steel reducer sleeves slide onto the forks to allow proper contact with smaller radius tires.
• Large wheel riser kit raises tires on ramps to allow for proper fork placement.
• Weight gauge shows technicians the load weight of the vehicle being lifted.

The RCH4 mobile column lifting system has been third-party tested by ETL and ALI certified to meet industry safety and performance standards.

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