Tablets help increase efficiency and enhance customer service

Motion Computing provides utilities industry with real-time access to data at the point of service.


From deployment, maintenance, monitoring and inspection to asset, inventory and workforce management, tablets provide utilities workers with real-time access to data as well as the ability to gather, analyze and transmit business-critical information at the point of service.

As a global provider of tablet PCs and supporting mobility solutions, Motion Computing brought its innovative, vertically-focused mobile computing solutions to the DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition. With tablets in place, utilities are gaining efficiencies, saving time and costs, increasing productivity and enhancing both employee and customer satisfaction.

Additional benefits include:
• Improved response times and productivity with real-time access to updated scheduling information and service orders.
• Enhanced customer service and rapid issue resolution with remote access to ticket information and parts availability.
• More effective management of the complex environment of field personnel, crews, vehicles and tools.
• Improved utilization of employee resources with real-time access to project status, technician availability and project completion times.
• Enabled service workers who can resolve new problems on site with real-time access to issue resolution information.
• Minimized paper-based processes to help reduce project delays and errors.
• Reduced billing latencies by electronically capturing customer signatures and immediately submitting invoices after each work order.
• Improved communications with field workers to ensure logistics and equipped to resolve service emergencies.

“The utilities industry is a prime example of a workforce that spends the majority of its time in the field and benefits from a vertically-built mobile computing solution,” said Scott Ball, country manager, Canada, Motion Computing. “With the real-time access, insight and communication capabilities that tablet PCs provide, we’ve seen customers realize up to 75 percent time savings.”

The Motion F5v, J3500 and CL900 Tablet PCs blend performance, durability and integrated features into highly mobile and lightweight designs. Key features include:
• Designed for rugged environments: Drop tested and protected against dust and moisture with Corning® Gorilla® Glass and a solid state drives (SSD) for superior protection in harsh environments.
• Ergonomic designs for mobile productivity: Lightweight with capacitive dual-touch or multi- touch and high-resolution digitizer pen input for the speed and convenience of natural gesture navigation as well as the ability to capture signatures and navigate legacy programs with smaller targets that require the accuracy of high-resolution pen input.
• Powerful performance to support business-critical applications: Intel® processors and a Windows® operating system mean the power, compatibility, security and manageability that businesses require.
• Integrated features to simplify and improve data collection: Digital camera, web camera, RFID reader, barcode scanner, mobile broadband and more streamline documentation, tracking and management.

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