Arcadian Network Strengthens Smart Grid's "Weakest Link" at Co-Op Substations

Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative supports advanced metering with wireless IP broadband network

A smart grid is only as smart as its weakest link, and now with the issue of rural substation communications essentially solved, the co-op sees the Arcadian wireless network as key to unlocking their smart grid future.

Parker Chelsea, the leading power transfer solutions provider to the Work Truck Market, makes PTO installation on Dodge Trucks both simpler and more cost-effective with its new 252 Series PTO. Unlike other PTOs in the market that require multiple hoses and a remote valve, the 252 provides ease of installation through a single hose connection and an integrated cartridge valve and pressure switch. The new 252 series was specifically designed to provide you maximum clearance and can be installed from underneath the truck or through the access hatch that Dodge offers in these vehicles.

You expect durability, reliability, and an unmatched toughness from your Work Truck, why would you settle for anything less from your PTO?

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