S&P's 3rd Annual Electric Cooperative and Public Power Conference is March 11

Electric cooperative and public power executives will join Standard & Poor's Ratings Services' analysts who focus on general obligations and municipal utilities on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 to discuss the credit issues facing cooperative and public power utilities.

Climate change is both atmospheric and economic. In these troubling economic times, utilities are reexamining generation resource needs, ratemaking flexibility may erode, fuel prices are exhibiting sizable swings that may undermine earlier hedging strategies, and the new administration is planning to mandate tighter emissions controls and greater use of renewable resources. Amid these developments, we believe the question of where the credit quality of public power and electric cooperative utilities is heading is taking on added significance.

During the Work Truck Show in Chicago, Illinois, Electric Vehicles International (EVI) unveiled to the US market; the first ever line of 'Road Ready', EV/HEV, class 3-6, commercial vehicles. EVI's promise of freedom from today's ever-volatile fuel prices allows small to mid-sized business owners with the opportunity to reduce their operating costs while helping the environment.

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