ABB Robots featured in "Terminator Salvation" movie

Robots cast as the automation system on Terminator factory floor

The visibility of ABB Robots reached an entirely new level recently when Warner Brothers Studios released the new Terminator Salvation movie to North American audiences. In addition to Christian Bale and the army of rival Terminators, 18 ABB Robots shared starring roles in the fourth of the highly-popular Terminator film franchise.

June 1st marked another milestone in Sauber Manufacturing's history and another industry first. The company sent a jolt through the utility fleet industry by introducing the only 10-year, comprehensive, trailer warranty. This warranty is unparalleled, and comes as a natural evolution in the succession of innovations the company has been bringing to the utility trailer industry for over 40 years. The new warranty comes at no charge to customers, yet covers parts and labor on all Sauber manufactured components, including 10 year structural and galvanized finish coverage as well. Additionally, labor coverage has been added to the existing three year warranty on parts to provide tip to tail coverage for the entire trailer, including items commonly excluded, like lights, tires, and batteries.
As if the new trailer warranty is not enough, Sauber has chosen to also extend the three year tip to tail coverage to 10 years for all existing trailers in the field – a way of saying thank you to existing customers for past business, and as proof that they have been engineering trailers to last - long before introducing the new program.

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