Mariner Rolls Out Generation Performance Dashboard to Utility Sector

Brings Power Generation Performance Dashboard Product to Market, Demo to Website

June 2, 2009 – Charlotte, NC – Mariner, an industry-leading business intelligence and performance management solutions provider, demonstrates its new Power Generation Performance Dashboard product on the company's website, Utility companies are eager to improve plant utilization, minimize planned outages, and reduce operations and maintenance costs. Mariner's Power Generation Dashboard allows power generation executives and managers to understand and isolate trends and issues so they can make decisions and set in motion critical ac tion plans that maximize plant efficiency. Additionally, managers and executives will have the data needed to increase reliability and availability with its existing assets and delay adding capacity.

"The ROI on this product will be significant, and will enable Microsoft's utility customers to leverage their investment in Mariner's Power Generation Dashboard to maximize plant efficiency," commented Jon Arnold, Microsoft's Managing Director, Worldwide Power and Utilities Industry.

Mariner's Power Generation Management demonstration is a one of three select videos highlighted on Microsoft's Worldwide Utility site,

Mariner's Power Generation Management demonstration shows how a Vice President of Generation collaborates with a Facility Manager. In the demo, the VP sees power generation metrics are below target. He confers with his Facility Manager who performs in-depth analyses to determine the cause of the low generation figures. Together, they isolate the problem, identify the root cause and implement corrective action – all within the Mariner Power Generation Performance Dashboard.

The Power Generation Dashboard product, based on Microsoft technology, includes scorecards with industry-standard KPIs, analytic views and collaboration tools to optimize fleet performance, using a generation- specific portal where fossil managers can compare performance across a range of metrics and collaborate on process improvements. The Dashboard also enables utility decision-makers to:
- Perform plant-to-plant, unit-to-unit, and team-to-team comparisons across multiple KPIs.
- Foster collaboration, communications and reporting among managers and executives.
- Assist in the management of a Kaisen, or continuous improvement program

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