Compact Electronic Unit Prolongs Battery Life in Utility Vehicles

Cole Hersee introduces its SureStart™ Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Switch 48513. The Cole Hersee SureStart™ Low Voltage Disconnect Switch electronically senses battery voltage and conserves starting power by disconnecting non-critical loads, prolonging battery life by preventing battery damage due to excessive discharge.

This switch is ideal for utility vehicles, which utilize multiple onboard electrical loads that can drain the battery. Even extended use of flashing lights or signboards can result in a dead battery. When battery drain occurs, there are substantial costs associated with downtime, vehicle recovery, and battery damage due to over-discharge. These costs can be eliminated when a Cole Hersee's SureStart LVD switch is used.

The switch has a rating of 100A at 12V or 24V DC. Its service life exceeds 1,000,000 on/off cycles, and it also features a manual override that allows users to connect or disconnect the switch when needed, regardless of voltage.

The SureStart LVD switch features a compact size (4.5 x 4 x 4.27") which makes it easy to install into a new or old vehicle. Unlike many voltage monitoring devices, the SureStart LVD switch does not require a separate solenoid to control high current, increasing reliability, and simplifying installation. The switch's resistance to moisture, salt spray, vibration and shock make it a versatile device that can be implemented into any vehicle or environment.

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