GPS Insight Adds Automated Driver Assignment and Driver-Based Reporting to Its GPS Fleet Tracking Offering

GPS Insight customers may now report and alert on individual drivers, in addition to vehicles

Robert Donat, President and Founder of GPS Insight commented "Since many customers share vehicles across their drivers, this new capability allows speeding, idling, mileage reports and alerts to be geared toward individual drivers, not the vehicle. A GPS Insight customer requested this capability in order to determine which driver was assigned to a vehicle in the past when a parking ticket was issued and ignored. We started and completed this project in a single week, which illustrates how rapidly our development team is able to deliver useful enhancements which drive customer efficiency and ROI. This extra level of accountability opens up many possibilities for future product enhancements."

SOLON, Ohio, USA, July 2009 – The SP58 Stainless Steel Ground Rod Clamp, part of the ERITECH® line of facility electrical protection products from ERICO®, is made from a non-rigid stainless steel metal strip, which will not crack when excessive torque is applied during installation. The innovative design and material allow the SP58 to conform around the ground rod and conductor as the bolt is tightened, increasing the conduction area of the connection.

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