Compact Electronic Unit Prolongs Battery Life in All Vehicles

This switch is ideal for utility and delivery vehicles, as well as vehicles with ancillary on-board equipment, such as snowplows, hoists, pumps, floodlights, etc., as well as in-cab amenities such as A/C. When battery drain occurs, there are substantial costs associated with downtime, vehicle recovery, and battery damage due to over-discharge. These costs can be eliminated when a Cole Hersee's SureStart LVD switch is used.

NANAIMO, B.C. - With rising fuel costs, increased fuel emission restrictions and environmental concerns, proliferating "green" initiatives are applying pressure to service truck owners and fleet managers. In response, VMAC is pleased to introduce its "Green" product line - the UNDERHOOD70 and UNDERHOOD150 belt-driven air compressor systems, and the PREDATAIR40 and PREDATAIR60 hydraulic-driven air compressor systems.

Featuring VMAC's high-powered rotary screw air-on-demand technology, all four systems are ideal for use on work trucks in applications such as construction, tire-service, mining, municipal operations and fire-apparatus. Overall, both systems start out "green" through the characteristics of the aluminum construction of key components - air ends, separator tanks, as well as brackets are lighter and simpler to manufacture, with less waste.

The UNDERHOOD systems stay "green" by utilizing VMAC's variable speed throttle control which varies engine speed with air demand, so that the engine idles down when there is no air demand but when tools are used the system idles up to meet the need. The reduced idling results in both fuel savings and reduced emissions.

The PREDATAIR compressors feature three key "green" characteristics:

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