microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter Drives SMARTfleet Solutions' Green Fleet Conversion Program

Patented filter part of EcoSMART fleet program reducing expense and time of periodic oil changes

(Valhalla, New York) – SOMS Technologies, LLC, developer and manufacturer of the microGreen™ Extended Performance Oil Filter, has announced an agreement with Florida-based Green Gas Laboratories, LLC to add the microGreen™ filter to the company's "green" fleet conversion business. Marketed under the brand name SMARTfleet Solutions, Green Gas Laboratories' five-point EcoSMART Lube fleet conversion quickly makes vehicles more fuel efficient and eco-friendly, while greatly reducing the expense and time associated with periodic oil changes.

The EcoSMART fleet conversion replaces the vehicle's existing oil filter with the new microGreen™ Extended Performance Oil Filter. Validated with extensive laboratory and on-road testing, this unique patented filter reduces oil maintenance costs by 65 percent, decreases the use of motor oil by 70 percent, and reduces the number of filter changes by 50 percent. Designed as two-filters-in-one, the microGreen filter is a spin-on filter and is installed in the same method as traditional oil filters. However, unlike traditional oil filters that capture particles down to 25 to 30 microns, the microGreen oil filter captures particles down to 2 microns in size, keeping the oil cleaner, like new oil, and maintaining the additive package.

In addition to the microGreen filter change, SMARTfleet Solutions' EcoSMART Lube conversion includes changing the oil to higher quality pure synthetic oil, a bio-degradable cooling system service, a nitrogen tire fill to ensure optimum fuel efficiency, and a fuel and emissions system check using a professional OBD II connector scan tool. The new program has been very well received by Tampa area automotive repair shop owners and by local fleet operators.

"The EcoSMART Lube program not only saves our customers money and helps protect our environment, but it allows us to offer a unique program that helps differentiate our business from other service centers," said Keith Keehnle, ASE Master Tech and owner of Bay Pines Automotive in St. Petersburg, FL.

"Especially in today's economic environment, a new program like EcoSMART Lube is very helpful. It reduces the cost of operating our fleet and helps protect our environment. Both are key strategic initiatives for our fleet," said Al Grabowski, owner of First Class Pest Solutions in Land O' Lakes, FL.

"We are very impressed with the degree of success Green Gas Laboratories has had with the SMARTfleet Solutions business model in Florida," said Steve Kirchner, COO, SOMS Technologies. "We are pleased that the new technology in the microGreen filter is the lead offering in their EcoSMART Lube program that saves maintenance costs and helps protect our environment."

Kevin Heath, owner/manager of Green Gas Laboratories, adds, "In short time we have performed EcoSMART Lube conversions on vehicles throughout the state of Florida. City and county fleet managers who are under tight budget constraints have been very receptive to our program as well as local automotive repair shops. Once we have a chance to meet in person and show the savings on paper, it becomes obvious that this is a smart and innovative solution."

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