Super Bright, LED Vehicle & Mobile Equipment Flasher

Model LX-60

A low current draw (700 MmaMax) super bright LED flasher is now available with Lumastrobe's Model LX-60. Rugged & reliable, this (60) LED flasher is built for applications requiring high visibility in both day and night time use. With no moving parts, LEDs provide 100,000 operational hours. The Model LX-60 features a polycarbonate Fresnel lens, ABS base and 5000 mcd luminance output. A selection switch within the screw-on lens allows the operator to activate any one of (5) flash rates, i.e., single, double, quad, sextuple or rotational. A 10 foot flat cord with in-line switch and cigarette lighter plug adapter and magnetic base are standard for magnetic mount models. Permanent mounting models are also available. Colors include Amber, Blue, Clear & Red. Using a Model LX-60, battery drain for parked vehicles with lights activated is minimized.

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