Grote Says Goodbye to On-Off Switch with Introduction of Infrared Motion-Activated LED Dome Lamp

New 12-Volt Version of S100 Lamp Features Sleek, Low-Profile Design and High-Performance LED WhiteLight Technology

Grote Industries, a world leader in high-performance LED lighting technology, announced the introduction of a new 12-Volt version of its S100 LED WhiteLight surface-mount dome lamp. A 24-Volt S100 was initially released in Europe in September of 2008 and was the world's first dome lamp to incorporate infrared motion activation. Together, the new lamps demonstrate Grote's commitment to developing state-of-the-art lighting solutions for the international transportation industry.

"European response to this product has been significant," said Mike Grote, business development manager forward and interior lighting at Grote Industries. "This dome lamp completely eliminates the need for an on-off switch and all the associated parts, problems and installation time. The lamp is easy to mount, install and operate and we expect the North American market to be very receptive."

The new S100 lamps feature optional, built-in, infrared motion activation, eliminating the need for installation of an independent switch. "It's a smart choice for customers wanting optimal, energy-efficient LED illumination on demand," Grote said. "Hunting for a switch can now be a thing of the past and installers and vehicle maintenance staff will like the fact that we've eliminated the switch and with it, the related installation, loose wire and corrosion issues."

Like its 24-Volt cousin, the new 12-Volt lamp is activated using a passive infrared motion sensor located in the lamp body. The sensor is calibrated to recognize the heat signature unique to humans, and when it detects movement by a person within six feet, it will immediately turn on. The lamp will remain on as movement continues, and will stay on for three minutes after the last motion is detected.

All S100 LED dome lamps are engineered for durability using high-impact, UV stabilized polycarbonate material and feature moisture-resistant construction and a sleek look. Their thin, 15-millimeter profile reduces the potential of objects colliding with the lamps and they are engineered with wire channels that allow quick, neat installation. The lamps utilize the latest surface-mount LED technology and generate a bright, 300-lumen output with low amperage draw and minimal heat generation.

S100 lamps offer the performance benefits of Grote's LED WhiteLight innovation. Grote noted that proper lighting helps increase workforce productivity by helping users see the work at hand, recognize hazards, reduce ocular strain and discomfort and assume a natural working posture that might not be possible under poor lighting conditions.

"Better performing workers mean a better performing vehicle and ultimately, a better performing fleet," said Grote. "We call the resulting gain in productivity the Grote Performance Advantage."

Grote expects the lamps to be used most often in dry vans, utility vans, moving trucks and delivery vehicles of all sorts, but does not currently recommend the S100 lamp for refrigerated environments. Grote noted that a new surface-mount, infrared motion-activated LED dome lamp specifically designed for refrigeration applications is now in testing and is expected to be available in the near future.

Details, specifications and operation information on all S100 motion-activated LED surface-mount dome lamps are available at and reference numbers are 61411 for the 12-Volt model and 61421 for the 24-Volt model. S100 lamps without motion detectors are excellent options for retrofit applications where manual switching is desired and existing wiring is already in place. Reference numbers for the manually-activated S100 are 61391 for the 12-Volt model and 61401 for the 24-Volt model.

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