Advanced liquid formula increases fuel economy and enhances maneuverability

Jerr-Dan Corporation, an Oshkosh Corporation [NYSE: OSK] company and a leading manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment, introduced Jerr-Dan® Liquid Tire Balance, an innovative new replacement for traditional lead or other metal tire weight balancers. Liquid Tire Balance is designed for heavy-duty tow vehicles with 22.5-inch and larger rims. This new product, available through Jerr-Dan distributors, delivers significant advantages including enhanced performance, tire life and safety.

"Tires and tire maintenance on heavy-duty tow vehicles are a huge investment. The new Liquid Tire Balance is sold exclusively through Jerr-Dan distributors and will help our customers manage their maintenance costs and vehicle upkeep," said Mike Walter, Jerr-Dan Corporation president. "We believe this product could one day become the industry standard because of the tremendous advantages it provides the towing professionals who use it."

By maintaining optimal tire balance without the need for re-balancing, Jerr-Dan Liquid Tire Balance increases fuel economy and enhances maneuverability and vehicle control. Moreover, the anti-freeze and cooling agents in the product reduce heat build-up and control rim rust. Safety is enhanced because hard-to-see valve stem and tire damage is readily visible when Liquid Tire Balance is used.

"Despite having its wheels balanced with traditional weights, we ran a large tow vehicle that bounced so badly at 60 m.p.h it was very hard to keep on the road," said Kevin Fox, owner of Alligator Towing in Fort Meyers, Florida. "Jerr-Dan's Liquid Tire Balance took out 95-percent of the wheel shake, and now the vehicle rides very smoothly. We view the use of Liquid Tire Balance as an advantage in safety and wear-and-tear on truck components. We're in the process of switching over our entire fleet."

Liquid Tire Balance features an environmentally friendly formula, unlike traditional tire weights that can fall onto roads and contribute to lead contamination in roadside dust and water run-off. The product is easy to install on both mounted and dismounted tires. For more information, and a list of Jerr-Dan distributors stocking Liquid Tire Balance, visit

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