Toolcat 5610 has three-point hitch, PTO and front lift arm for increased utility work machine versatility

Bobcat introduces the Toolcat™ 5610, a revolutionary new model in the company's line of one-of-a-kind utility work machines, featuring a three-point hitch and hydraulic power take off (PTO) for rear implements and the ability to run more than 40 front-mounted Bobcat® attachments.

• An optional Category 1 three-point hitch on the rear of the machine allows landscapers, agriculture producers and property owners
to perform a variety of tasks with three-point implements up to
1,775 pounds.
• An optional PTO runs implements on the rear of the machine.
• With the rear PTO three-point hitch and the front boom, operators can use two attachments on the Toolcat 5610 at the same time, as long as one of the attachments is nonhydraulic.
• The Toolcat 5610 has a cab height of 81 inches, an overall length
of 180.8 inches, a width of 60 inches and an operating weight of
5,640 pounds.
• The front lift arm has a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 1,500 pounds with a PTO kit installed on the machine or if a rear counterweight kit is used. On machines without PTO or rear counterweight kits, the ROC of the front lift arm is 1,300 pounds.
• The machine rated capacity, which is the combined weight of load on the lift arm, the operator and passenger, is 2,200 pounds. Adding towing weight or the weight of the three-point hitch to the machine rated capacity is the total rated capacity of the machine, which is 4,200 pounds for the Toolcat 5610.
• Rear remote hydraulics allows the operator to control two different hydraulic cylinders by pushing a switch in the machine's cab to provide 5 gallons per minute of momentary flow.
• Four-wheel independent suspension and exclusive slip differentials provide a smooth ride and four-wheel-drive traction.
• Power management automatically balances drivetrain and attachment performance for optimal efficiency.
• All-wheel steering for excellent maneuverability and low ground disturbance. The Toolcat 5610 has a turning radius of 17.5 feet.

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