101 Proven Stories to Begin Each Job Strong and Finish Safe!

In July 2008, the tower industry was stunned by its seventh tragedy in as many months-this time a fatal fall in Florida. The National Association of Tower Erectors immediately called a 'stand down.' During a nation-wide conference call with over 320 of its members. Don Doty, the Chairman said, "Setting the tone of the day with a safety meeting will keep safety procedures fresh in everyone's minds. We want to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day, and 5 minutes could make all the difference." In other words-hold tailgates!

It's a proven fact that at least one-in-three serious workplace injuries occur, in part, because of lack of job planning or insufficient job briefing or tailgate session!
In most cases, Safety Professionals, Organization Leaders and Line Managers do not have a tool to help with the motivational side of job briefings, that is until now.

Tailgate-101 Proven Stories to Begin Each Job Strong and Finish Safe!

- Increases focus so the audience can listen to and retain the job hazard message.
- Appropriate for tailgates, job briefings and safety meetings.
- Teaches a pattern or method of using interesting and motivational stories during job briefings so that your workforce will listen and act.
- Packaged electronically so that once purchased it can be shared internally within an organization.
- Value priced at less than a buck-per-story!
- Learn more at www.thesafetysoul.org

"This book can change your job briefings forever!"

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