Boost utility fleet efficiency and improve air quality

Atlanta, March 24, 2010—etrac, a division of PS Energy Group, Inc., will help utility companies throughout North America continue to boost fleet productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of customized intelligent vehicle technologies now powered by Microlise.

This is just one of the latest etrac solutions offered by PS Energy Group to help customers manage their fixed and mobile assets, including their workforce and fleets. Microlise is an independent software vendor supplying telematics to Ford Motor Co. for its vehicles.

"This wireless solution takes the guesswork out of heavy fleet operations," said Livia Whisenhunt, president and CEO of PS Energy Group, an energy and transportation solutions company. "We can automate the process for gathering data about mileage, speed, driver style, idling, fuel consumption, engine problems, tire pressure and more to improve fleet operations."

For the past six months, a U.S. utility company has been testing a customized device attached to the computer of a fleet vehicle, which then transmits wireless data to an office computer. Results from the pilot project will help lead the way for other utility companies to burn less fuel and improve air quality.

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