R4Tech hybrid air suspension available from Firestone

The hybrid air/leaf suspension system features Firestone Ride-Rite air spring and SANLUIS Rassini suspension technologies.

Indianapolis, Ind., March 15, 2010—Firestone Industrial Products Co. LLC introduces the new R4Tech, a hybrid air/leaf suspension system featuring Firestone Ride-Rite air spring and SANLUIS Rassini suspension technologies.

R4Tech, which replaces the factory leaf spring suspension, comprises a high-quality Firestone air spring and SANLUIS Rassini’s leaf-spring suspension, positioned in a unique architecture to create a fully functional system that adjusts for varying load capacities. The suspension system delivers an improved ride at all times by utilizing the variable spring rate of the air spring to stiffen when the truck is loaded and soften when unloaded.

An upgrade over traditional solutions, R4Tech increases axle control during acceleration and braking for improved torque management and reduced wheel hop. The design allows the suspension to move at all load conditions, therefore isolating and absorbing road impact for passengers and cargo alike. Plus, less steel in the system reduces weight in the vehicle and improves fuel economy.

The complete R4Tech system comes with the Rassini foundation suspension—including leaf plates, lower trailing link, J-spring, spring perches and mounting brackets—the Airide air spring and an air compressor control system that maintains the proper air level in the spring for the exact load you’re carrying. Professional installation is recommended.

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