Oil shear dynamometer load brakes

High torque, low speed Positorq oil shear brakes simplify load testing of transmissions and axle assemblies.

Fairfield, Ohio, August 24, 2010—The Positorq Oil Shear dynamometer load brakes are for load testing large and small transmissions and axle assemblies for cars, trucks, off road equipment, lawn and turf machines, agricultural equipment, wind turbine transmissions and more.

The Positorq load brakes utilize oil shear technology to provide smooth controllable torque up to 300,000 lb-ft, at speeds to 0 rpm without chatter, stick slip and with no need for a speed-up drive required by most electrical drives or water wheels.

Simply connect the Positorq Oil Shear load brake directly to the wheel axle or transmission output. The quick response can be used to simulate field conditions directly on the part being tested. The low inertia of the Positorq load brakes also eliminates the inaccuracies in data collected.

The Positorq brake produces so little noise that it is an ideal solution for gathering gear and bearing noise under load. The Positorq brake operates under 65 Dba at full load, allowing accurate noise data collection without interference.

Eliminating hysteresis in load brakes provides better control and data accuracy. Standard Positorq load brakes have low hysteresis, and the new bypass piston option reduces hysteresis by up to 50 percent. The multiple disc friction stack produces high torque with much less inertia than large eddy current drive rotors or large diameter dry friction discs.

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