Mobile warm up stands alleviate delays in powering up meters

Brooks Utility Products' mobile warm-up stands power up meters on-site.

Farmington Hills, Mich., August 11, 2010—Because today's meters are built with a wide variety of on-board features, a super capacitor is necessary to maintain meter data and network communications. At the same time, utilities are experiencing a growing number of AMI deployments and a smaller number of metering personnel.

The result is often delays in the field for initial communication sequencing or a loss of communications, all of which can be costly and delay the AMI deployment within a system.

Brooks Utility Products has introduced a selection of mobile warm-up stands that will help alleviate delays in powering up meters. Meters can be powered up in the shop or in transit, and then the data held as it is transferred to the site.

"Once you have the meter powered up in the shop you're certain it will register and hold the charge on the super capacitor," said Scott Mann of Brooks UP. "Because you don't want to lose the charge on the way to the site, it needs to remain on the warm-up stand. Otherwise you have to wait for each of the meters to power up on-site, one after another. Our mobile warm-up stands are the ideal solution."

Powered by a 120V plug connection or an optional 12 Vdc inverter kit for field use, all units of the mobile warm-up stand are fuse-protected with on/off and limit switches that keep jaw positions dead until the meter is installed.

The mobile warm-up stand can be mounted in the truck and operate from the 12 volt power port. In addition, Brooks UP offers an optional mounting plate kit and includes an auxiliary power source. The mobile warm-up stand can also be used to demonstrate, warm up, or program meters in office settings.

In addition to mobile warm-up stands, Brooks UP offers a full line of feature-rich warm-up boards for the shop environment.

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