Real time engine oil condition monitoring system

IntelliStick oil condition sensors detect water/coolant intrusion 24/7.

Santa Ana, Calif., August 13, 2010—IntelliStick gives you the intelligence you need to know the condition of your oil. Catastrophic engine failure can cost thousands of dollars in needless repairs, create dissatisfied customers and even result in lost business. Install an IntelliStick real-time engine oil condition monitoring system.

Still checking oil one vehicle at a time? Still lifting the hood? The IntelliStick Quick Alert monitors engine oil level and temperature. The Quick Alert electronic oil level sensor uses a dipstick probe and in-cockpit gauge that alerts the driver to low oil level and oil temperature.

When intrusion happens, you need to know now! Keep track of the condition of your engine oil by scanning for water/coolant and fuel intrusions as well as monitoring additive depletion and oxidation/acid build-up. Condition Tracker also warns if oil viscosity is too high.

Stop guessing and know! Know the condition, level and temperature of your engine oil with the IntelliStick system. The system includes an advanced analyzer with dipstick and 1/2-inch threaded sensor, 30-day storage of oil condition data, as well as an in-cockpit gauge with low oil level indicator, water/coolant intrusion alert light and digital temperature display.

The Industrial System is a real-time intrusion and oil condition sensor. It continuously scans for water, fuel and coolant intrusion, monitors and reports oil condition, and triggers alarms based on customer specifications. The IntelliStick Industrial Analyzer communicates by RS-232, RS-485, or optionally 4-20 mA. Choice of detector: Dipstick Probe or Threaded Sensor

Detect intrusion before it destroys your engine! You can check your oil every day, but we doubt you will see intrusion before IntelliStick does. IntelliStick oil condition sensors detect intrusion of water or coolant into the oil on a real-time basis.

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