Grid Net releases PolicyNet 2.2 Smart Grid, Smart Home Software Platform

The cornerstone of this suite is the PolicyNet SmartGrid Network Management System

San Francisco, November 5, 2010 — Grid Net, a global leading provider of real-time, all-IP Smart Grid and Smart Home software platforms for any device and any networking technology, announced today at the GreenBeat 2010 Conference in Silicon Valley the release of its second generation Universal Smart Grid Operating System – PolicyNet 2.2.

First released in October of 2009 and now fully deployed within two utilities and managing 2.7 million devices, PolicyNet is a suite of software products based on business rules (policies). The cornerstone of this suite is the PolicyNet SmartGrid Network Management System (NMS) that provides an intelligent, reliable, real-time, all-IP, cost-effective, secure, policy-based network management system software platform, operated within the utility’s network operations center, which provides complete lifecycle management services for millions of Smart Grid Devices.

In conjunction with the PolicyNet SmartGrid NMS, the PolicyNet Smart Network Operating System (SmartNOS) and SmartAgents firmware, which runs embedded on multiple smart devices from multiple companies, provides interoperable, secure, policy-based intelligence, monitoring, reporting, and control for real-time, advanced smart grid management.

As part of its comprehensive PolicyNet Smart Grid solution, Grid Net also designs, develops, and licenses hardware technology for its Original Device Manufacturing partners. This advanced hardware communications technology is customized to partners’ needs and can range from reference designs to turn-key solutions ready for manufacturing.

The PolicyNet hardware communications technology is available for integration with Smart Grid Devices (SGDs) and is architected using open standards, government-grade security, and leading broadband communications protocols.

Ray Bell, Founder and CEO of Grid Net, said, “We are very excited about this new release of the PolicyNet software platform suite. Today’s emerging Smart Grid v2.0 deployments will generate a vast amount of energy distribution and consumption data, and will require a real-time, reliable, secure, open standards-based, carrier-grade communications infrastructure that enables utilities to deploy smart grids that optimize energy distribution, reduce distribution-related losses, implement system-wide demand response programs, enhance overall customer satisfaction, and lower their carbon footprint. This release reinforces our leadership roles in delivering the future smart grid today.”

About Grid Net

Grid Net is the leading global real-time Smart Grid and Smart Home software platforms provider for utilities, partners, and customers. The all-IP Grid Net platforms are designed to integrate substation automation, distribution automation, smart meters, demand response, and load management with electric vehicles, buildings and homes to increase grid reliability, energy efficiency, renewable energy use, and customer satisfaction while reducing capital and operating costs. Grid Net’s all-IP platforms are utility-grade reliable and scalable, and built to meet regulatory and government Smart Grid interoperability and cyber-security standards. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Sydney, Australia, Grid Net is backed by world class investors Intel Capital, Braemar Energy Ventures, Catamount Ventures, Cisco Systems, and GE Energy Financial Services.

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