Drive offers immediate benefits for utility fleets

Zonar Systems' products improve driver and vehicle performance, maintenance practices and fuel reporting.

Seattle, September 8, 2010—Zonar Systems improves the way utility companies operate by providing innovative products to solve compliance, equipment and efficiency challenges while creating a new kind of safety mindset throughout customers’ operations.

“Zonar has significantly increased our operational and fleet efficiency. We have seen a significant drop in over the road breakdowns and our mechanics have been able to service more vehicles with increased communications between departments. Zonar has also allowed us to monitor equipment utilization which helps tremendously with allocation and billing information,” said Mike Murray, senior vice president of equipment, PAR Electrical Contractors.

Zonar’s patented Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report (EVIR) system verifies pre- and post-trip inspections. EVIR complies with all USDOT mandated pre-and post-trip vehicle inspection regulations, as well as OSHA and MSHA equipment inspection requirements. The system is easy to use, identities defects faster and more reliably, speeds vehicle repairs and reduces on-road breakdowns. EVIR cuts the time it takes to perform inspections in half and expedites USDOT audit processes. The data from the electronic inspections provides instant reporting and alerting of noted defects.

Zonar’s V2J High-Definition GPS and Vehicle Diagnostics System couples next-generation GPS tracking and reporting with advanced remote vehicle diagnostics. With the V2J, actual fuel consumption information including the total fuel shot through engine injectors on a per trip, per driver and per vehicle. Additionally, fuel consumption is even captured geospatially, a method for which Zonar has a patent pending. Automatic, geospatial tracking of fuel usage including off-road fuel consumption makes fuel tax reporting and filing easy, accurate and timely—leading to significant tax savings. The system also differentiates pure vehicle idling from PTO hours to accurately measure fuel consumption and identify additional savings opportunities.

All of this information is easily accessed through Ground Traffic Control, a powerful web-based data management application. Fleet operators are given real-time visibility into their operations from anywhere, at anytime, so they always know the location, status and health of their equipment.

Zonar Intelligent Navigation and Guidance (ZING), one of several modules available within Ground Traffic Control, provides web-based dispatch, route management, navigation and two-way messaging used by drivers and dispatchers. ZING enables the timely dispatch of equipment to a specific location, improving efficiencies and increasing revenue.

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