GPS for construction fleet managers

Navman Wireless' Qtanium 300 GPS allows construction fleet managers to monitor all vehicles.

Glenview, Ill., September 1, 2010—Navman Wireless' new Qtanium 300 GPS enables construction fleet managers to monitor all vehicles (both on-road and off-road) in one interface.

Launching in late September/early October, the Qtanium 300 is a military-grade GPS tracking device for all makes and models of off-road construction equipment that is designed for use with the company’s OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking and management system. Uniquely engineered and built from the ground up to operate in extreme off-road conditions, the unit’s integration with OnlineAVL2 makes Navman Wireless the largest global provider to offer on- and off-road vehicle tracking from a single interface.

With the Qtanium 300, users can not only see the real-time location of both on- and off-road fleet vehicles merged on the same map to provide a complete picture of fleet deployment but also utilize new OnlineAVL2 capabilities to simplify and strengthen fleet oversight and management.

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