Lithium ion battery for telecom installations

Saft introduces Evolion, a new lithium ion battery for reliable back-up power systems.

San Antonio, October 14, 2010—Saft, a manufacturer of high-technology industrial batteries, is introducing its new “Evolion” specialized lithium ion (Li-ion) battery technology during OSP EXPO that offers exciting possibilities for compact, safe and reliable back-up power systems for telecom installations. Evolion can deliver the maximum possible performance from the limited space available within telecom cabinets while also ensuring the optimum total cost of ownership.

Saft has extensive, long-standing practical experience in the telecom industry as a key supplier of battery systems for a wide variety of network back-up applications including fixed wireline, cable and cellular. Saft also has a significant track record in the delivery of Li-ion battery systems for demanding applications such as vehicles and satellites.

Saft has incorporated this combined expertise into the development of the Evolion concept that offers a unique combination of float charging capability and high cycling performance for telecom network installations. Key features of Li-ion technology for telecom batteries include high energy storage in a compact, weight-saving package; high efficiency; long calendar and cycle life—even when operating in extreme temperatures; zero maintenance requirements; and an environmentally friendly design.

Evolion Li-ion technology will be of particular interest to three main types of telecom installations: outdoor on-grid sites, off-grid sites, and distributed power for central office.

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