Expanded truck line improves fuel economy

Iowa Mold Tooling expands DSC12 mechanics truck line to include option for any 10,500 GVW chassis.

Garner, Iowa, October 29, 2010—Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc. (IMT), an Oshkosh Corp. company (NYSE:OSK), has expanded the DSC12 mechanics truck line, a compact, fuel-efficient addition to the Dominator family of mechanics trucks, to include an option for any 10,500 GVW chassis. The DSC12 can now be built on any 10,500 GVW chassis, while the previously announced Sprinter chassis version will become the DSC12S. Both the DSC12 and DSC12S are very good options for customers looking for improved fuel economy out of a vehicle that can easily maneuver in tight, urban environments.

“The IMT DSC12 line fills a niche for customers who don’t require a full-sized mechanics truck but still need the service and capabilities they offer,” said Steve Fairbanks, IMT president. “There is a growing demand for these new chassis today, and IMT now offers our customers a truly compact option to meet their needs. IMT remains committed to our customers, and the expansion of the DSC12 line demonstrates our dedication to providing customers with innovative products.”

At only 1,700 pounds, the DSC12 is the most compact of all the trucks in the Dominator series. The DSC12 body can be mounted on either a Dodge or Ford 10,500 GVW chassis and features an integrated crane structure capable of handling a telescopic crane up to 12,000 ft-lb.
The DSC12 can be equipped with an IMT 3203i electric telescopic crane, which has 3,200 pounds of maximum lift capacity and a maximum 15 feet of horizontal reach. This new body incorporates all the key features of the Dominator lineup that give the operator more comfort and mobility around the vehicle and make the truck easier to use. Some of these features include:
• Improved tools and parts access,
• Patented floor structure that reduces body weight,
• Three-point door latches that require less force to operate,
• Single-hand operation on the tailgate,
• Patent-pending shelf hanger bracket system,
• Side packs designed for greater storage, and
• Improved visibility of rear LED taillights.

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