Transportation for utility fleets

Amphibious 2011 ARGO 750 HDi utility vehicles go anywhere.

New Hamburg, Ontario, October 27, 2010—Utility companies can never rest regardless of terrain or weather and neither does the 2011 ARGO 750 HDi. The newest additions to the ARGO family of vehicles are the most affordable and most capable solution for delivering work crews and equipment anywhere they are needed. Even flooded areas, small streams and muskeg are no match for these amphibious vehicles. Helicopters or tracked hydrostatic vehicles may be able to get the job done, but they also have a very high cost to operate and maintain.

Why utilize a fleet of different tracked vehicles, UTVs, trucks, snowmobiles and small boats? One amphibious ARGO carrying cargo and up to six passengers can do it all. Fully enclosed cab options will ensure that your personnel can stay in the field, not on the sidelines, whatever the environment. In addition, ARGOs have an endless variety of accessories for the particular tasks your company undertakes.

ARGO has given its 2011 ARGO 8x8 750 HDi the advanced features that utility fleet managers are looking for:

- Lighter steering effort for all-day ease-of-use, a more powerful drive train for accomplishing the most rugged tasks, comfortable seating, massive storage space and a more durable design to maximize utilization—getting the job done anytime of the year. The new 2011 ARGO 750 HDi is fuel efficient, simple to maintain and even more environmentally friendly than previous ARGO models.

- The patent pending ADMIRAL transmission takes the driving experience of the full skid steering system to a level never seen before in this price range. The new all season 2011 ARGO 8x8 750 HDi pairs the triple-differential ADMIRAL steering transmission with a powerhouse 31-hp, fuel-injected engine to create an all-terrain, amphibious off-roader that turns with ease in high gear, while maintaining its on-the-spot maneuverability in low gear.

- As part of ARGO’s continuous improvement process, ARGO has upgraded all 2011 models with a 40 percent quieter muffler and improved engine compartment cooling. For more comfort, all liquid cooled 8x8 ARGO models can be equipped with optional suspension seats and a convenient entry step.

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