GPS fleet management software introduced

Telogis announces Telogis Fleet 7, delivering the latest in SaaS GPS fleet management software.

Aliso Viejo, Calif, July 16, 2010—Telogis has announced the release of Telogis Fleet 7, cited to be the most reliable and easy to use Software as a Service (SaaS) GPS fleet management application on the market. Telogis' real-time GPS fleet management solution drives rapid return on investment for businesses of all sizes through improvement of productivity and enhancement of their operations. New features in this release include command center mapping, geographic information systems (GIS) overlays, advanced large fleet reporting and an innovative self-service portal.

Highlights of the Telogis Fleet 7 release include:
• Command Center Mapping—High performance maps are critical to utilities and emergency dispatch. Telogis Fleet's new map delivers the industry's fastest web-based maps with a patent-pending clustering mechanism that allows visualization of 1000's of assets on a single map. The new map also supports GIS overlays for utilities and telecoms to search and visualize their assets.
• GIS Overlays—Telogis has leveraged its expertise with GIS to bring data overlays into Telogis Fleet. Bringing relevant enterprise data such as power lines, sewer lines, land use grids and parcel data is a key ingredient to making Telogis Fleet maps useful to the end users. Visit for more information about Telogis' GIS expertise.
• Advanced Large Fleet Reporting—The Telogis Fleet report engine now uses Cloud computing resources to generate massive reports. Most solutions are constrained in the amount of data that can be generated. The added insight provided by these reports allows large enterprise users to gather and analyze large amounts of data across their fleet.
• Self Service Portal—Telogis has developed a self-service portal that allows enterprise customers to give their own clients access to a restricted set of data. The portal was driven by customers in the utility industry who want to provide controlled access to their GPS data. Telogis also supports this restricted access via our robust API's, allowing multi account integration into a single command center. This functionality is ideal for entities charged with storm recovery and/or disaster response.
• International Support—Telogis Fleet now supports Portuguese and Spanish, with updated NAVTEQ maps for Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Mexico.

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