Engine Repair formula fixes most common oil related problems

Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair is an affordable chemical tool that extends engine life and fixes most common oil-related problems.

Holly, Mich., April 28, 2010—As vehicles age, regular motor oil alone isn’t always enough to keep their engines running smoothly. Parts don’t fit as tightly as they used to, leading to noise and reduced power. Bearings wear down, seals leak, lifters tick and oil blows by tired rings. Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair (p/n 1000) is a chemical tool that uses an exclusive two-part formula to repair most common oil-related problems. It restores lost compression and power, reduces noise and oil consumption, and improves the performance of worn cylinders, rings, bearings and seals.

“Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair extends engine life and repairs the most common high-mileage engine complaints, including knocking, smoking, low oil pressure and lost power,” said Clay Parks, vice president of development. “Vehicle owners with engine problems can often save thousands of dollars by simply using Engine Repair instead of paying to mechanically repair or replace their older engines.”

Parks points out that not all oil additives are created equal. Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair contains a proprietary combination of the best additives, including:
· Performance additives to resist oil breakdown
· Viscosity improvers to restore oil viscosity, stop blow-by, increase compression and reduce engine noise
· Extreme pressure agents to help protect moving parts
· Friction modifiers to reduce friction between parts
· Detergents to clean the system and keep sludge suspended
· Seal conditioners to prevent and stop oil leaks caused by seal aging
· Tachifiers to lubricate, enhance viscosity and improve stability

Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair works in all engines, including gasoline, diesel, hybrid and turbo, with any type of engine oil—including petroleum, synthetic and high-mileage formulas. It can be used to top off existing oil or added during an oil change. One bottle treats four to six quarts of oil. Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair is available for distribution in case packs of four.

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