Grote LED daytime running lamps contribute to Scania R-series Truck of the Year

The new lamp represents Grote’s cutting-edge solution to technology, performance and style challenges.

Madison, Ind., April 6, 2010—Grote Industries, a provider of LED lighting technology for the transportation industry, has designed the industry’s first LED daytime running lamp (DRL) for the new Scania R-series.

The new lamp is cited to represent Grote’s cutting-edge solution to style, technology and performance challenges set forth by Scania in the conceptual stages of the design.

Grote’s sleek, four-diode design concept captured Scania’s attention by delivering significant light output and by incorporating advanced heat management technology that made the enhanced performance and compact size possible. Scania was so impressed with Grote’s conceptual work and prototypes that they made the decision to incorporate Grote’s new lamp into the integrated bumper of the R-series.

Grote introduced the first commercially available LED lamp to the heavy-duty vehicle marketplace more than 20 years ago, and called upon their vast experience in LED thermal management and optic design to create the new lamp.

“Grote earned Scania’s confidence and the lamp contract by demonstrating world-class design and engineering skills,” Grote said. “Our design engineers were able to create a high-performance, four-diode daytime running lamp that was in harmony with Scania’s aesthetic vision, while improving the vehicle’s uptime and visibility.”

Scania’s new R-series range of trucks was selected as the International Truck of the Year 2010. The award is the most prestigious distinction in the European truck industry. The ITOY jury’s statement cited the aerodynamic design of the R-series, which includes the streamlined grill and bumper design that incorporates Grote’s DRL.

The International Truck of the Year 2010 award was presented to Scania in December of 2009. The award is given to the truck model that has made the strongest contribution toward making road transport more efficient during the previous 12 months.

The new DRL emits Grote’s distinctive LED WhiteLight beam—a feature that complements the distinctive, signature appearance of the vehicle. The lamps are available as an option and can also be purchased in the form of an aftermarket, retrofit product.

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