Aluminum tool drawer units

CTECH’s all aluminum tool drawer unit made to fit various sized truck body compartments.

Weston, Wis., April 13, 2010—CTECH Manufacturing produces an all aluminum tool drawer unit made to fit various truck body types and sizes. The unit consists of a lightweight, durable aluminum alloy—creating a much lighter weight option for fleets looking to gain payload with their truck purchases in their tool storage unit. The drawer unit contains the CTECH patented Motionlatch handle, creating an easy access drawer that is easy to get into and is self-latching—preventing it from re-opening during transit.

A variation of this product has been on the market for quite some time, however CTECH has redesigned the unit to be more versatile and available to the entire truck body industry. The medium duty tool drawer unit has been proven to hold up in the field and is easy to get into. The Motionlatch handle allows users to open the drawer without putting anything down.

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