Engine performance monitoring devices

IntelliStick and RASTRAC enter into five-year agreement for jointly bundled engine performance monitoring devices.

Santa Ana, Calif., April 8, 2010—IntelliStick, an advanced technology, real-time, condition-based maintenance tool—has been chosen by Manning NavComp Inc., a vehicle tracking software and integration company, to provide oil condition data for its RASTRAC product line, a leading GPS fleet tracking and remote asset management solution that has been used on more than 5,000 systems and nearly 300,000 vehicles and assets worldwide. The two companies announced a five-year agreement to offer a bundled package with engine performance monitoring devices from both companies that will be jointly marketed and available for purchase from either company.

RASTRAC is designed to be flexible and scalable, making it an ideal vehicle tracking solution for fleets of all sizes. From small delivery companies with just a few vehicles to large multi-national operations dispatching thousands of vehicles, RASTRAC’s flexibility makes it a logical choice for fleets of any size operating virtually anywhere in the world.

The IntelliStick system—which continuously scans engine oil for water, coolant or fuel intrusions and monitors oil oxidation, level and temperature—has been configured to transmit data via the RASTRAC engine performance monitoring system. RASTRAC then provides alerts to maintenance personnel, allowing them to take preventive steps to reduce engine damage and costly breakdowns. Customers who install an IntelliStick with an existing, compatible RASTRAC system or purchase the new bundled package will receive real-time reports on oil condition and engine performance for vehicle fleets of all sizes, as well as for engines used in industrial applications. The data is transmitted via radio, satellite, cellular or GPRS to laptops, smartphones and other devices that can be located remotely.

“We are pleased to be partnering with RASTRAC, as it allows us to provide the tools and resources fleet owners need to maximize engine performance and fuel economy, while minimizing the need for costly repairs and unproductive down time,” said Fred Rogers, president of IntelliStick.

"Our customers demand systems that are powerful and easy to use," stated Jeff Manning, president of Manning NavComp Inc. "Our goal with RASTRAC has always been to provide the best solutions possible. With IntelliStick, we can now provide our customers with oil condition data in a fashion not previously available, which helps us service our customers even better than ever before."

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